Shoes Are A Passion

Shoes are our passion here, and this is not just something new. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved shoes. I used to ask for new shoes for Christmas and my birthdays. I used to wear my mother’s shoes pretending they were mine. I even went through a phase where I simply collected shoes when I was a teenager. Back then if you opened my closet, you would be overwhelmed by the amount of shoes, the whole thing would just flood out and overflow all over the place.

As I have gotten older I have become more selective with what I choose with my shoes. I have learned that there is a perfect shoe for every occasion.  Recently I had a night out for a friend’s birthday.  We rented a long island limo to cruise around town.  For this night, I bought the perfect dressy pair of shoes.  There’s always the perfect show for every occasion. 

The Perfect Shoe

Since then I have learned to discern what the best shoes are for any time. This is what lead me to create my own store. I want to help find everyone the perfect shoe for any time you need. I have decided to turn my obsession into something that can help other people out. When you stop by and browse, you should feel like you have something of value to look at, and that is what we aim for. We only want to have the best shoes for you to wear. Shoes were my favorite thing when I was growing up, and will probably always be my favorite thing, which is why I am translating that passion into something for you!

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Collecting All Kinds Of Shoes

As a shoe collector and being someone that loves sports and other athletic activities, they both go very well together! Every sport that you could possibly think of requires you to wear shoes. It could be football, baseball, tennis, or even hockey! If you play hockey, you will have to wear hockey skates, but it is still a form of shoe that you must wear to play the sport. All of these different sports and even sports that I did not mention require a special kind of shoes.

This is because all of these sports are played differently and on different kinds of terrain. If you wear improper shoes while playing a sport, you could severely hurt yourself! If you hurt yourself while playing a sport, then you will have to wait to heal and that is never any fun. This is why it is always important to wear the proper shoes.

Athletic Running Shoes

Most sports require an athletic running shoe of some sort. This kind of shoe will give you support for your feet in all of the right places. Playing a sport with improper shoes can be very uncomfortable and damaging to your feet. If you play a sport on a team, then you may have to match your shoes to your uniform and to your teammates. This is a great example of why it is also fun to collect shoes.

If you play many different sports or on different teams, you are going to need a different pair of shoes to match each uniform. Not only that, but playing sports can cause a lot of wear and tear to your shoes. This is all the more reason to go out and buy more! You want to make sure you can always participate in the sport you enjoy by making sure you have the right shoes handy.

A lot of sports require that the shoe be a shoe that had cleats on it. Different sports will require a different kind of cleat. If you love to play all different kinds of sports like I do and collect shoes, this will help to encourage the collection of shoes that you have. Sometimes it is even an athletic activity such as running that you will only need a special kind of running shoes for. The best part of running shoes is that they come in many different styles and colors that it will blow your mind.

Always New Shoes

There is always new kinds of running shoes being released, too. This is because there are being better ways to make a supportive shoe for your feet being discovered. People are always wanting something new for their feet and it is always good to have multiple pairs of shoes so that you do not ruin your favorite pair right away. On top of that, your favorite running shoe will not always be available. If you having multiple pairs of running shoes, you will not ever have to worry about ruining your favorite pair to run in!

Having The Right Shoes

As a shoe lover and collector, I also love to do outdoor activities.

Whether the activity be a sport, hiking, swimming, running, walking, or any other form of exercising. I love to do all of these things and although some people might not believe it, there is a certain kind of shoe to wear for any of these different activities. This is not only because some of these activities have a different terrain but because you need different support for your feet and different protection for them, too.

Hiking Shoes

If you like to go hiking, that is one activity I can say right off the bat that you always want to have proper shoes for. There are hiking shoes and even hiking boots. There are boots and shoes made for natural or synthetic turf terrains. They come in many different styles and some of them have different areas of support for people that need more support for specific areas of their foot. Not only this, but it is much more comfortable to hike in the proper shoes or boots and is much safer. If you hike in just any kind of shoes, you could twist your ankle the wrong way, sprain it, or even worse. That is never any fun!

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If You Love Shoes…

If you love shoes, then this is the blog to read!

I love shoes and have been collecting them for years. To top it off, I could tell you almost everything about every different kind of shoe that exists. There are so many different kinds of shoes and that is one of many reasons why it makes collecting them so much fun. Another of my favorite reasons to collect shoes is the fact that I can wear them.

Some things that people collect cannot be used and have to sit in a show case or will never be taken out of the wrapper/box. Shoe collecting a such a rewarding experience! There are also so many different kinds of shoes that can be worn for different things. Not only are there different kinds of shoes for different activities, but there are different styles of shoes for all of these different activities.

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